Multiple Streams Of Income

Did you know, as a Pipe Creek Realty Agent, you have the opportunity to earn income from more than just your home sales?

Pipe Creek Realty Agents can earn Multiple Streams of income from all of the following:

Bring in a new property management client and make $50 per rented unit that Pipe Creek Equity Trust manages for your client!

Bring in management for a new Condo, Townhome, or Home Owner’s Association and receive 50% of the first month’s management fees.

Lease up a rental unit and earn 25% of the first month’s rent!

Does your client need remodeling or construction services? If Pipe Creek Renovation & Construction does the work, you earn $50 for every $5000 worth of work done!

Do you know of a real estate agent (or somebody thinking about getting their license) who would make a great fit with our team? Earn 5% commission on every transaction that agent does while working for Pipe Creek Realty!

Need Retirement Plan?
Pipe Creek Realty agents earn 5% commission on every agent they recruit FOR LIFE! As long as your license remains with Pipe Creek Realty, you receive that 5% for the rest of your life.
Unlike other companies, Pipe Creek Realty agents don’t have to jump through hoops to get their commissions. There are no production requirements. There is no complicated math involved. If somebody you recruit sells a house, you earn 5% of the commission. It’s that simple!

No other real estate company offers this kind of benefits. Take your first step towards financial freedom and schedule your appointment Now!